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ComradeRavenhawk's gameplay for Puzzle Pirates (PC-MAC)

ComradeRavenhawk played Puzzle Pirates

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ComradeRavenhawk said...
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I got the random urge today to play a little puzzle pirates, a game I haven't played in years. After patching myself up to speed, I logged on and tested out my skills on the puzzles on one of my "Alt pirates." Not surprisingly, I found that compared to where I used to be at, I suck. Also distressing is the fact that, over time, the stats of your pirates deteriorate, so it's unlikely that Cap'n Ravenhawk will ever managed to get himself back up to the Legendaries and Ultimates that I used to have.
Because of this, and not wanting to give people the wrong idea when I step onto a ship and it says I've played a bunch when I expected to fail, I made a new pirate.
I advanced Fileel a ways past swabby with the navy, dominated a low-level swordfighting tournament. Then went for a job with a random crew that gained me all of 60 poe.
Sigh @ newbie officers running fail pillages.
Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates (PC-MAC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 10/MAY/05
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