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ComradeRavenhawk's gameplay for Puzzle Pirates (PC-MAC)

ComradeRavenhawk played Puzzle Pirates

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ComradeRavenhawk said...
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Decided to hit up the Puzzle Pirates again today.
I've been going on about a pilly a day with various crews, trying to find one worth joining. Haven't found any yet, just a lot o' new crews with semi-unskilled officers. Not saying I'd turn that kind of crew down, it'd give me a place to shine in, afterall. But I haven't found one yet that really has that right _feel_ to it.
Not quite sure how to explain it. I just need to find a crew that has the right atmosphere. Skill of the crew is also important, but secondary.
Elite players can be dicks, anyway.
Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates (PC-MAC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 10/MAY/05
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Awesome to have more people back in the game. I've been playing a bit less of Y!PP myself due to computer issues. Out of curiosity what ocean are you playing on? I run a crew on Hunter that recently switched to oligarchic. It might make a nice temporary home for you until you find somewhere else better. I'm Kettlecorn on the Hunter ocean of the crew Metropolis. We're a fairly experienced crew that promotes based on leadership abilities rather than stats. At the moment we are averaging around 30 members. Send me a tell in game even if you don't care to accept my offer, I'm just glad more people are getting back into the game.
That's about where my old crew used to average when I played before. I"m actually over on the Viridian ocean.
I played on Hunter briefly when it was released but I had a crew and flag I was trying to run on Viridian so I never really got into it.
I would say Hunter is in a bit of a decline right now, though I don't know about the other oceans. We have one mega-power alliance that kind of makes everyone else too afraid to try to blockade. Its been this way for a long time now, and it doesn't look like it will change soon.
I haven't been playing again long enough to see what the condition of the alliance webs and politics are like these days. I know that Scupperer still owns Prolix, which disappoints me, but till I find a crew, I probably won't look into much else, politically.
I find politics to be one of the most interesting aspects nowadays. I've considered moving to somewhere like Sage where politics seem to be more interesting. Currently I don't really know politics other than on Hunter though. Hunter is essentially Coerced Coexistence and allies against everyone else. CC is great and all, but its not fun when they have no competition.
Last time I was paying attention Viridian had two or three big alliance webs that were always switching around allies and wars and such and it was a big convoluted mess, which is, indeed, what made it fun to look at.
There were a few relative untouchables, but it always seemed possible that the others may group together and cut the current big one down to size.
I personally enjoy big convoluted messes. It makes for a fun active blockade climate, which Hunter is lacking. Its been a while since we had any major competitive blockade. It seems like most people have just stopped trying.
Every time there were blockades in Viridian when I played before there would be TONS of flags competing to take the islands. When it came down to score there would be two or three fighting it out but everybody seemed to join in.
Thats awesome. Recently on Hunter it's almost always One vs One. Now there are these "friendly" cades, where a large super power flag will agree to go easy on a small flag in a blockade under non-sinking terms. The super power won't lose obviously, but it gives the small flag a bit of fun.

The most exciting thing to happen recently was another flag disrupted one of the friendly cades. It was fairly amusing. Its viewed as ruining fun, but if it creates more blockades I am more in favor of it.

Hunter needs a Fandango of sorts to pull us out of this mess.
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